A secure & device-to-device
connectivity framework

Download REON.IO SDK from GitHub

You can download or clone SDK repository for REON.IO here:



JAVEO intended to create an application or people of digital age that have many connected devices and want to control all of them through a single app


REON is a mobile app and web service for secure and instant access and communication betweensmart devices. It can be used for i.e. remote access to your apps and data on different devices (like Android, IOS etc.), accessing and redirecting phone calls, accessing home appliances or security systems etc

What distinguishes this application?

Market opportunity
Innovative solutions

Experienced Team

Cloud-based data sharing offerings like iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox and remote access software like Team Viewer or local sharing like ShareIt or AirDroid are useful tools for businesses and individuals. However, goes a stage further by combining all the features in just one app: secure data transmission, local access, Internet access, peer-to-peer connections, remote control, data sharing and the framework to build your own, hybrid mobile/web applications.

  • The market for non game apps is global and is constantly growing by 100% each year
  • Currently the market is at 15 billion of dollars
  • We have subscription based business model following freemium/premium mode

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